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Portfolio’sStuart Cross


Mollie is a 1969 Anglo Pullman caravan. Everything inside is completly custom made and throughout you will find many hidden extra's.


An Anglo Beach Curiser that has a retro style theme mixed with a modern day attire.

La Rosa

A 1960's Oxford Calipso Caravan, found in a barn and brought back to a life of many more memories to share.

Completed Work

This portfolio is a collection of different types of work we have completed over time at Retro Custom Caravans.


This caravan is just what is needed for all summer getaways! Not too big and not too small with just the right amount of room to have plenty of fun.


Maybellene is featured earlier on under Craigs Caravan. Lynn loved the caravan but really wanted it to match the colour scheme of her VW, this was no trouble and we soon transformed 'Maybellene'.

Hail Elsie

Before 'Hail Elsie' became Orange and Blue she was originally refurbished as 'Gypsy Blues' a blue and white lesuire caravan. Hail Elsie is the first food serving caravan we have completed.

La Bamba

This 13ft Caravan was recently completed as a spec caravan. The colour concept is not our usual but worked really well together and as you can see the result's were amazing.

Surfer Rosa

Surfer Rosa was found locally and was one of the first customized caravans. Both inside and outside demonstarte's a lively and bold look making this the perfect entertainer.

Get Rhythm scooter

This scooter has been highly customised to match the Get Rhythm caravan. It is a 1963 pooch 150cc made in Austria but sold widely in New Zealand.

Craig’s Caravan

This caravan is now owned by Gateway Caravans and was originally from an Auckland company. Built in the 50's this caravan has a real awesome look to it.

Andy’s Caravan

Andy's caravan is a 1975 Alfa made in New Zealand. This caravan was a complete full rebuild with a customised interior.

Memphis Belle

An Oxford model built in the early 70's, Memphis Belle was the very first caravan I worked on.
Get Rhythm retro caravanview

Get Rhythm

"Get Rhythm" is a highly customised caravan both inside and outside. I found her in Tauranga and still to this date is a mystery of what model.